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For Developers

Airway Inspector is an open source project. Developers and advanced users can get access to the code and build the tool.

Building Slicer

Before building Airway Inspector, Slicer has to be built in your local machine. Slicer source code and building instructions can be obtained here

Getting the code

To obtain the code from our CVS repository you have to follow the following steps from a terminal:
cvs -d login 
(password = bwhspl)
cvs -d co slicer2_lmi/Modules/vtkCOPD
The last command will create a folder (slicer2_lmi/Modules/vtkCOPD) in the directory where  you invoked the command.

The next step is to copy the folder vtkCOPD into the directory: SLICER_DIR/Modules/ 
where SLICER_DIR is the path where Slicer2 has been downloaded. 

Building Airway Inspector

Airway Inspector can be built using the cmaker.tcl utility. Just run the following command from a terminal: 
SLICER_DIR/Scripts/cmaker.tcl vtkCOPD