Virtual Machine (Windows, OS X and Linux)

Airway Inspector is now provided as a Fedora (Linux) virtual machine based on VirtualBox. VirtualBox is an free open source  virtualization software to run a guest operating system on top of your laptop/desktop operating system. This is done to optimize the performance of Airway Inspector.

  1. Download and install VirtualBox for your OS (
  2. After installing VirtualBox, install the VirtualBox Extension Pack (
  3. Download the Airway Inspector Virtual machine
  4. Import the Virtual Machine: File->Import Appliance

Launching Airway Inspector

  1. Launch Virtual Box
  2. Select the Airway Inspector Virtual Machine and click "Start"
    • A new window will appear initializing a Linux system. This might take a few seconds.
  3. In the login window, log in the "Airway Inspector" account:
    • Password: airway
  4. You will find a folder in your desktop with Airway Inspector.
  5. Enjoy!

How to access your local files from the Airway Inspector virtual machine

You can access your local files from your virtual machine to be able to share data. There is not need to copy your data back and forth between your host system and the virtual machine. This is how you can access a given folder in your disk.
  1. Make sure that the Airway Inspector virtual machine is not running (otherwise power it down).
  2. Select the Airway Inspector Virtual Machine in VirtualBox and select "Setting"
  3. In Settings, go to "Shared Folders"
  4. Click on 
  5. Select the folder path that you want to see from the virtual machine (path to your data, for example)
  6. Click on "Auto-mount"
The next time you launch the virtual machine, you will be able to access the shared folder in "/media"

Legacy Binary Builds

A full version of the 3D Slicer with the COPD module and airway inspector can be downloaded as a compressed file for the following platforms:


                   2000 or XP         ( 
Mac OS X 

                   Intel Mac            (slicer2.8-dev-darwin-x86-2011-09-23.tar.gz)
                   PowerPC Mac    (slicer2.8-dev-darwin-ppc-2007-07-09.tar.gz)
                    32 bits                (slicer2.8-dev-linux-x86-2011-03-11.tar.gz)
                    64 bits                (slicer2.8-dev-linux-x86_64-2011-09-23.tar.gz)

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