The Airway Inspector Team is happy to share some exciting news with you. After several years intensively working, Airway Inspector is getting a face lift. First of all, Airway Inspector has grown into something bigger and better and to reflect that we have decided to rename this project the "Chest Imaging Platform".

The Chest Imaging Platform is a library of utilities for quantitative imagers of the lung interested in the developing their own solutions. 
Our official version of the CIP is 0.2.0

But the Chest Imaging Platform is also a workstation based on 3D Slicer to provide a clinical-oriented workflows to phenotype the lung. We are working to integrate has our first release. For a sneak preview, send us an email to get an access code.

We are very excited to share this great news with you and we will be sharing some new developments very soon. Please come back to visit us!!!!!

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